Exercise and hydration

Hydration becomes a critical issue for cancer survivors. When you’re adequately hydrated the urinary tract remains healthy, moving toxins and bacteria from the body.  If these toxins remain in the body due to dehydration you’re at an increased risk of developing infections. Since your immune system may already be compromised, any risk of infection is unnecessarily dangerous.

Have you experienced dry mouth or mouth sores as a result of your treatment? Consuming adequate fluids decreases dry mouth and the risk of infections from the mouth sores. Typically, your appetite improves if you’re not dealing with mouth sores and dryness, so when you’re consuming adequate nutrition, this allows your body to concentrate on healing.

Some of the fatigue you might experience may be attributable to dehydration.
Water is only one source of hydration.  Fruits, fruit juices, smoothies and popsicles also provide hydration, additional nutrition and, they taste good.  If your nutritionist says it’s ok, moderate amounts of coffee and tea also aid in hydration.  Don’t wait until you feel thirsty, get something to drink.