Exercise & neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy (PN) describes damage to the nerves that run from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body, and are responsible for sensing touch, temperature, and pain. PN is often described as burning, shooting, throbbing, and aching. Frequently treatment for cancer causes neuropathy at a later time.

The benefits of aerobic and flexibility exercises are well-known for the general population. For people suffering from PN, increasing movement and heart-rate is critical. Physical activity can improve blood circulation, strengthening nerve tissues by increasing the flow of oxygen.

As always, let your medical team know that you plan on beginning a exercise program. Running isn't an option, you could injure yourself and not even know it. Balance can be an issue if the PN is in your feet. When using a treadmill hold on to the handrails. Walking on uneven surfaces is also not recommended. Play it safe if you have any doubts.

Neurology Now has an article on exercising with neuropathy. Contact me with any questions.