how to achieve your exercise goals

Successful businesses have a business plan. in order to succeed in adding exercise to your life, you'll need an exercise plan. In know, sitting down to write a plan may appear as insurmountable as beginning to exercise, but it's important.

Set a Goal - Do you want to have more energy, play with your grandchildren, garden, prevent a reoccurrence of your illness? These are all reasonable and obtainable goals. Write your goals down.

How Much Time Can You Commit to a Exercise Program - 10 minutes a day, 30 minutes, two 10 minute segments? If you're in treatment your fatigue levels may vary form day-today so give yourself some flexibility when setting this goal. One days your fatigue is greatest plan for a 5 minute walk each hour. On days your energy levels are high try to accumulate 20-30 minutes of exercise.

Keep a Log - Record what you did, how long you worked out and how you felt during and after your workout. Why should you do this? To see your improvement. The best feedback you'll receive is this written record of your success. A long also helps you pinpoint why on some days you could be less energetic or motivated.

Make a Contract With Yourself - Create a contract committing to 12 weeks of exercise, outline your program, include what you'll do if you hit an obstacle, and, how will you reward yourself at the end of the contract period.

Once the contract period is over, reassess how you felt, and how you're going to keep exercise as part of your life.